Blackguard Screws

NOS steel screws, plated in nickel. Same screws Fender used for Blackguard Telecasters. (Not brass, not chrome, not stainless steel but the actual item) Extremely rare and very limited.

 These are correct material/spec and priced according to supply, which is extremely low.


2" Partial Thread #8 Neck Screws

Set of 4 neck screws. Nickel plated steel. #8 partial thread slot head 2" screws. Click photos for bigger pictures

Price: $19.97 BUY NOW

Control Plate Screws

Set of 2. Nickel plated steel. 5/8"  #5 Partial thread slot head screws used to mount the control plate on Blackguard Telecaster. Like a pickguard screw only bigger.

Price: $9.97 BUY NOW


Pickguard Screws.

Set of five (5).  Nickel plated steel. #4  1/2" partial thread slot head screws. Used to mount pickguard on blackguard Tele's.

Price: $19.97 BUY NOW

Tuner Screws

Set of 7. #3  3/8" Nickel plated steel slot head screws. Used to mount tuners on Blackguard Tele's. Impossible to find. (All the other ones out there are the too long Gotohs, plated brass or full thread stainless). These are the real item. Nickel plated steel.

Price:19.97 BUY NOW


Neck Pickup screws

#3  1" Nickel plated steel slot head screws. Used for neck Pickup on Blackguard Tele's.

Set of 2

Price: 9.97 BUY NOW

3 way Switch Screws

3/8" round head screws. Slot screws to mount 3 way switch.

Set of 2

Price: $9.97 BUY NOW


Blackguard Strap Button Screws

1" #6 slot head screws used to mount both the bridge and the strap buttons. Sold in sets of 2 (two).

Set of Two Price: $9.97 BUY NOW


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