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Some questions are here in this FAQ. Any enquires please email us

Q: Do you take Paypal?

A: We have our own credit card processing services and merchant accounts to accept credit cards. If you must use Paypal, please email us using the contact link at the bottom of this page. We can invoice you.

Q: How much will shipping cost?

A: Shipping is calculated in real time as you place an order. You will see the shipping amount before you have to enter any payment information. Our shipping costs change constantly and we do our best to update the site prices. We get close but our prices cannot be exact every time. Sometimes we lose a little, sometimes we gain but its within dollars of our costs. Airmail is the most economical method for overseas. EMS is quite expensive but its faster and provides full tracking. Please do not email asking for a shipping quote. Enter your address on the order page and shipping will be calculated for you.

Q: Do you ship worldwide

A: Currently we ship to most destinations. A few problematic destinations have been dropped from our service area. Many destinations are tracked EMS shipment only.

Q: Why are your Ebay prices different

A: NosGuitar-dot-com lists on EBay from time to time. Ebay takes a large commision thus EBay prices wil be higher. Some people insist on EBay. Thus the overhead will increase the price. There is no extra safety to buying from EBay. Just extra overhead that must be priced into sales. We may offer seconds on Ebay for promotional purposes etc. EBay is also very flaky, so please email us direct on this site not via EBay. I will always give the best deal and service right here on my own site.


Q: "Insert name" claims to sell the same pickguards as you

A: A few people have tried to counterfeit our products, and/or use our name/images. When in doubt always check. We can be verified as the only dealer of authentic Lashing Celluloid guards.  We get emails all the time from people who bought this trash then want us to answer to its flaws. As with any product actually check with the manufacturer and avoid being scammed. Common sense goes a long way. Back alley deals for half price are rarely a bargain.



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